Let us Introduce Ourselves....

Jeannine and Jeff own and operate Northern Cross Resort which is situated on the edge of Saskatchewan's Northern Boreal Forest, with nothing but wilderness north of us. We love the environment that surrounds us and want to welcome you to join us. Our goal is to provide you, your family and friends a place to share great memories and we hope that you will enjoy the unspoilt wilderness as much as we do.  Many of Jeff's fondest child hood memories were created around the fire with his family in Meadow Lake Provincial Park or fishing for that monster pike on one of the Park's pristine lakes with his dad.  We hope to help you build lovely memories and have lots of fun with your family too.


Jeannine is English and was living in Australia before moving to Canada, and she has a background in the social and educational sectors. Jeff has run the resort since taking the plunge in 1988 at the youthful age of 26, so he knows the lake like the back of his hand!

Jeff and Jeannine Jesske

Our Kids and Summer Staff

Willow, Chase and Cole


This year we are very pleased that Willow and Cole have gone on to greater  thing, but we will Victor back working with us.  We are looking for a friendly enthusiastic couple to work for us the summer of 2018!

Each year our kids Lake, Willow, Cole & Chase have spent their summers working hard and helping to make your visit pleasant and comfortable. We always look forward to having them join us when they can. We work together as a family and take pride in our resort. We believe in respecting others and our environment. The kids and Jeannine  aren't quite as  expert as Jeff when it comes to knowing all there is to know about the fish but we will always try to help!

We are very thankful for  our fabulous guests who help out with spring and fall clean-up. One of the wonderful aspects of our resort is that our repeat guests feel as proud and committed to keeping our environment beautiful as we do. Our resort is in a natural forest, so there is always lots of work keeping everything healthy, safe and beautiful!

Pepe and Tattoo

We also employ a couple of four legged staff, Pepe and Tattoo, who are our Manx Mousers. The tail-less Manx breed is renowned for their mousing abilities and they used to be a mainstay on galleons traveling the seven seas and no tails meant they didn't get caught in the rigging. With our cabins being in a forest the odd mouse does venture into the resort - but not for long.  Pepe and Tattoo are allowed to roam the resort as working cats, so we ask that you don't let your dogs run loose, chase or intimidate them.  They are the only exception to the "all pets must be leashed" rule.  Without them we would have to use mouse poison and none of us want that.


We ask that our cats are left alone and that neither you nor your children play with them.  They are not aggressive, but they are certainly not lap cats.  They are neutered and spayed like all cats should be, so they don't spray but please don't encourage them onto your site as we  would not like them to accidentally get locked in one of your vehicles. Our mouser cats are family and a crucial part of our resort operation.

Our Four Legged Staff

We always hope to offer the best value to our guests but we also sometimes have special offers available, so please do contact us and ask!

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