Situated on a km of lake front property on much desired Lac Des Iles, SK;

Only a 360 km drive from either Saskatoon or Edmonton;

On the Edge of Canada's Pristine Boreal Forest; and

after 31 years in business we are

For Sale


Please note the forms and information attached for the sale/ purchase are based on the recommendations of independent organisations, it is up to the purchaser to conduct their due diligence to ensure they have all the necessary information they need.

Having spent 32 years developing and managing the resort with our family, it is time for a change and to allow someone else to make their mark.


Thank you for your interest in our business and sale offering and if you are interested in pursuing this great family business opportunity, we look forward to providing more information.


Step One: First, please send a brief email to with a short description of about yourself and your ability to purchase Northern Cross with either cash and/or a loan backed by collateral security.


Step Two: If  it looks like our resort would be a good fit for you, we will ask you to sign and notarize a Non-Disclosure Agreement between yourselves and us (like this  Non-Disclosure Agreement).


Step Three: We will email you preliminary details about the business and a three year cash flow/revenue analysis (like this example Sales Memorandum), condensed financial statements for the past three years and the appraised value of Northern Cross Resorts Ltd., which was done by independent third-party M.I.T. Appraisals of Lloydminster, AB in June of 2018 - additional improvements and upgrades have been done since the appraisal.


Step Four: We can schedule either a viewing and personal meeting (May 12 to Sept 9) or a viewing with a friend who lives in Cold Lake (Sept 10 to Apr 25th - weather permitting) with us on the phone (October 20 - April 25th). (We winter in the Okanagan, so a fall, winter or early spring personal meeting is more difficult.)


Step Five: We will ask for a $500 non-refundable deposit that will be applied against the purchase price.  Once we have received your deposit we will email you detailed financial statements for the past three years; tax summaries and income statements from our last 3 T2 corporate tax returns; a detailed copy of the June 2018 M.I.T. Appraisal and a copy of our current leases with the Saskatchewan Government.


Step Six: Once a final price is agreed upon, contingencies, covenants, warranties, transitional issues, discussion about the presence of the current owner for a transitional period, other terms, a deposit amount to hold the deal and final payment terms, we will sign a Letter of Intent (example Letter of Intent - Assets).  (It is at this point that we will involve legal council and set up a trust account.)


Step Seven: We will both complete a Due Diligence Check List (example Due Diligence Check List).


Step Eight: We will sign a Purchase Agreement (example Purchase Agreement - Assets).


Take control of your New Life and Make Your Mark!